A week of church history in England, with the chance to see some outstanding scenery


The purpose of the tour

It is rarely understood, since our Lord brought salvation to mankind, His religion, Christianity, has most the time been illegal, certainly persecuted and spoken against.  We are in a great spiritual war, Genesis denied, His Church denied - this tour will be motivational for those preaching the truth with those just wanting to have a great time of fellowship, learn history, that is real history, not the nonsense taught in various schools (this is definitely not a 'politically correct' tour) and to enjoy some great scenery. In fact, this tour is for anyone who may benefit, but may not be suitable for small children as there will be driving to reach the various venues. 


I have been asked for some time about the possibility to visit some of the places shown on the web-sites and books, here is a possible  itinerary. 


Day one, Monday, arrival - meet and greet at airport, travel to the Stonehenge area


Day two, Tuesday, visit Stonehenge and tour the area visiting places the historians 'forget' to mention, putting Stonehenge in its proper historical and Biblical context. 




Day three, Wednesday,

Travel north, on the way dropping off to visit  Tewkesbury Abbey and the oldest Baptist meeting house (originally church of Christ) before going to the Furness Fells, evening power point presentation on the Big Screen. 







Day four, Thursday, visit some old Church of Christ meeting places, possibly lake tour with some time out.


Below, the farm house at Tottlebank where in the 1660s a church of Christ met.



Below, the chapel at Tottlebank built next to the farm house shown above.



Sunny Bank Church of Christ meeting place.




From the Tottlebank Church members started a second work at Kirkby (Wallend), the congregation still meets but it is now instrumental.



From the Kirkby, Wallend congregation, was formed the Lindale Church of Christ, the building is now a private house.



From Lindale the Ulverston congregation started. The Ulverston meeting house, is still in use by the church of Christ which originated from Tottlebank.




The Druids Circles near Ulverston, over looking Morecambe Bay.


Below, Windermere, the longest lake in England. The word "Windermere" is thought to translate as "Vinandr's lake", from the Old Norse name Vinandr and Old English mere, meaning lake. It was known as "Winander Mere" or "Winandermere" until at least the nineteenth century.




Day Five, Friday, return south through Wensleydale, Yorkshire, on the way visit Monksthorpe.

Below, Hawes, which means a 'pass between mountains', the town high in the Yorkshire Dales stands between Buttertubs and Fleet Moss. We shall view the spectacular waterfalls running through the village and visit a local restaurant for refreshments.


Below, the church of Christ meeting house at Monksthorpe, disguised as a barn, the little wooden door above the windows was to allow the preacher to escape if soldiers came to arrest the congregation. Without a preacher, the congregation could not be arrested as the law required the preacher to be caught. If caught, the preacher and the congregation could stave to death in prison. The little meeting house is now classed as Baptist. It was built in 1701. Second below, the outdoor baptismal pool, now bricked would have appeared originally as a pond and being outside the building would not have raised suspicion.



Day six, visit Walsingham, and learn what is going on the denominational worship and so called protestant faiths.










Day seven, The Lord's Day, the first day of the week - worship and fellowship.



The objectives of the tour are:


1/ To strengthen faith through learning history that covers all truth rather than from an atheist (world) viewpoint which ignores relevant facts which promote evolution and ecumenicalism.


2/ Visit historic sites such as Stonehenge and the English pyramids. To see these in their true historical setting that agrees with the Bible and their influence on the denominations. This will show just how much the denominational system is based on Egyptian, Chaldean and Babylonian pagan religion. What God has rejected is defended in denominational worship and secular education. This will be eye opening; Scripture will be used to emphasize the points made.


3/ Visit pre-restoration English churches of Christ meeting houses hidden in valleys and hills.


4/ To see the best and most beautiful English scenery in Yorkshire and the Furness Fells of England, maybe even a boat ride on a lake.


The outcome will be a strengthening of faith, a much clearer idea of what the denominations really teach, their religion being based on Egyptian, Chaldean and Babylonian beliefs, traditions and ritual. This includes Roman Catholicism, Anglicanism and Protestant (Calvinism included) and their daughters, the denominations, including the Baptists. The conclusion will be that they have no right to use the term Christian. There will of course be excellent fellowship as well as strengthening of faith. Possibly a discussion each night using PowerPoint. All points made will be defended with scriptures.


I have to reinforce, this will be absolutely eye opening and motivational for preachers who will take the message away and use it for their congregations etc. There will of course be materials provided for such including photographs. It will be fun, not boring, It will be scriptural, not lefty trendy liberal, it will be based on provable documented facts, not some silly and un-provable theory or nonsense.


What we can cover is down to how many days you have, I would suggest six days minimum.  


I want to develop this where it will be motivational for preachers in particular who can share what they learn at a time when unbelief, evolution and ecumenicalism are knocking at the door. Edification leaving Christians strengthened and better able to answer questions will be the main purpose for this tour.   

As James Bainham said just before the Anglicans burned him, there are two churches, the Church of Christ and the Church of the anti-Christ, he was absolutely right! I look forward to providing more details shortly.  


For further information, please contact Keith: