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Acts 17:11 These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.



Study your Bible with the Ramsey church of Christ internet on-line Bible course, no need to log in and no charge. Study in your own time at your own speed, in twenty five lessons. We do not ask for money and any sent will be returned.


One day lectureships, held twice each year, click here for further details.


Scriptures quoted are from the King James Bible, we recommend this version which you can purchase from any good Bible shop, on the internet, or by visiting us on Sunday morning when we will be delighted to let you have a Bible (KJV) at no cost ~ entirely free.


To start click on the Bible below the first lesson. When returning just click where you wish to continue from the lesson where you last studied.


Lesson 1 - Our Eternal Salvation



Lesson 2 - God's Warning



Lesson 3- Eternity



Lesson 4- Our sin problem



Lesson 5 - The Nature of God



Lesson 6 - Christ paid our penalty



Lesson 7 - The Grace of God



Lesson 8 - Thinking Back



Lesson 9 - Doing God's Will



Lesson 10 - Believe in God and Christ



Lesson 11 - Repentance



Lesson 12 - Confessing Christ



Lesson 13 - Must We Be Baptized to Be Saved?



Lesson 14 - Must We Be Baptized For The Forgiveness of Our Sins?



Lesson 15 - The cleansing Blood of Christ



Lesson 16 - Becoming a child of God



Lesson 17 - Baptised into Christ



Lesson 18 - Obedience to the Gospel



Lesson 19 - Baptism is immersion



Lesson 20 - Infants our NOT lost



Lesson 21 - Man is NOT to change what God says!



Lesson 22  - The Lord's Church (part A)



Lesson 23 - The Lord's Church (part B)



Lesson 24 - The Lord's Church (part C)



Lesson 25 - Summary



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