Skelmersdale church of Christ

Hosting - Traces of the Kingdom


Saturday and Sunday, 19 & 20 March, 2011


Speakers -

Keith Sisman and Ken Chumbley

Reports include an analysis of the existing source base, as well as theses and arguments that refute or confirm the topic. If you want to listen, you can always come and listen to the reports, or take advantage of the opportunitiess of and prepare your speech as well.


10:45 singing and prayer.

First speaker, 11:00 Keith Sisman:
2011 is the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. This topic will
 show the influence of the pre-reformation and reformation period churches
of Christ on the King James Bible, through the Waldensian, Lollard and
Tyndale's translation, leading to the King James Bible. This topic will
stress  that man has had available reliable translations in the vulgar
language of the time which the RC Latin Vulgate denied.

Second speaker, 11:40 Ken Chumbley:
Continuation of bible translations of the 'King James' tradition, their
honesty in handling the word of God.

1215 Lunch break, buffet food.

Third speaker, 13:00 Keith Sisman:
Pre-reformation Churches of Christ in Europe and Post reformation
Churches of Christ in England (this topic will deny that the churches of
Christ are of the protestant (reformation) tradition).

13:45 break with refreshments.

14:00 singing, prayer and questions.



Worship and sermon 11:00

Ken Chumbley - The seed principle (this will deny successionism and ordination showing
scripture teaches it is the seed (word) that produces growth (Matt 13).


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