Phi 1:17 ....."knowing that I am set for the defence of the gospel."



Forbidden books - publishers statement


Forbidden Books is how we have named ourselves as publishers. The reason for this is much of the information we are publishing is held back by the established authorities, academia, atheists, denominations and theologians. History has been revised to such an extent in our God denying secular society that it has become a lie. Even those who claim to be religious are part of the problem. For example, the Baptist denominations came out off and apostasied from the seventeenth century churches of Christ. Another example which will be addressed in the Devils’ Door is that world history starts at Babel prior to the dispersion, thus secular records now abandoned prove the historical truth of the Genesis account. Another issue that will be addressed in the Devils’ Door is that the Triune nature of the Godhead was known to the ancients, including the Jews. The idea that the Godhead is a Christian invention is entirely false and was known to the Jews up to about the year 132AD.


If the information was freely available there would be no need for our materials, books and websites. In effect the materials we produce and plan to produce are forbidden through sleight-of-hand – hence our publishing name – Forbidden Books.




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